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Bakingenius – a range of silicone-coated bakeware that gives a new meaning to non-stick.

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Free Delivery at Lakeland

What they say - if the customer is not satisfied at any time, they receive their money back. And if that wasn't enough, there is also free delivery on orders of £45 or more.

Lakeland is a great online shop - they do a catalogue too which is packed with amazing gadgets and kitchenalia that you'll just adore. They have some amazing products - findin new sources for old fashion cooking instruments and new ideas too.

Their main store is at Windermere - hence the name. They do have many stores around the UK though and it's well worth a visit.

1. Aberdeen
2. Bath
3. Bluewater
4. Bournemouth
5. Brent Cross (In-store café)
6. Cambridge
7. Canterbury
8. Cardiff (with outlet floor)
9. Chester
10. Chichester
11. Eastbourne
12. Edinburgh
13. Exeter
14. Glasgow
15. Guildford
16. Handforth(In-store café)
17. Harrogate
18. Ipswich
19. Lincoln
20. Newcastle upon Tyne
21. Norwich
22. Nottingham
23. Perth
24. Peterborough
25. Salisbury
26. Shrewsbury
27. Solihull
28. Stratford-upon-Avon
29. Taunton
30. Truro
31. Tunbridge Wells
32. Windsor
33. Worcester
34. York

One of my favourite catalogues to get through the post. They feature yummy foods and snacks as well as bread making machines, plates, measuring bowls and all types of things you'll want!

A Fair Feast
A Family Christmas Box
A Passion for Puddings by Phil Vickery
A4 Document Files
A4 Easy Laminator Replacement Cartridges
A5 Cream Cards
Acrylic Earring Chiffonier
Acrylic Soap Stand
Actifry, Tefal®
Additional SliceSy Blades
Adjustable Insect Repellent Block
Advent Tree, Santa's
Aerolatte® To Go
Agapanthus Shortbread Tin
Air Purifier, Cleanaer
Air Purifier, Oreck®
Airbed , Restform™
Airer Cover, Brabantia® Rotary
Airer, 3-Tier Slimline
Airer, Metaltex 4-Tier Clothes
Airer, Traditional
Airer, Versatile Stainless Steel
Airers, Radiator
Airtight Boxes, Mini
Alarm, Fridge
All Purpose Peeler
Almond Extract, Natural
Almond Florentines
Alphabet Stamp Set
Alphabet Stickers
Angle Adaptor
Anolon Box Grater
Anolon Universal Knife Sharpener
Antibacterial Dishcloths
Antibacterial Freshcling Plus
Antibacterial Freshcling Plus in a Cutter Box
Antibacterial Microwave & Fridge Cleaner
Antibacterial Sponges
Anti-bacterial Surface Cleaner
Anti-Moth Lavender Drawer Sachets
Anti-Moth Natural Wardrobe Freshener
Anti-Moth Wardrobe Freshener
Anti-Tarnish Strips, 3M
Apple Cookers, Microwave
Apple Corer
Apron, Black & Whited Checked
Apron, Grumpy Old Man
Apron, Harvester Garden
Apron, Master Class®
Apron, Terracotta Checked
Aprons, 'Kids in the Kitchen'
Aprons, Pudsey Bear
Aqua Bathroom Mats
Aromatherapy Candle Set
Aromatherapy Votive Candles
Art Deco Thermal Teapots
Art Tracing Light Box
Artistic Wire Collection
Asado Grill® Instant BBQ Stand
Asparagus Kettle
Assorted Bradlets
Assorted Christmas Cards
Assorted Craft Dots
Assorted Doylies
Assorted Pastel Bun Cases
Assorted Pastel Cards
Assorted Self-Seal Card Pockets
Assorted White Cards
Astonish Limescale Prevention
Astonish Mini Duster
Astonish Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Atkins & Potts Rosehip Syrup
Atom Massager
Australian Celebration Cake
Australian Rocky Road
Australian Soft Eating Liquorice
Autumn Leaves Coir Mat
Avocado Slicer
Away in a Manger Nativity Scene
Baby Bucket
Baby Lamb Pillow
Baby Remoska® Electric Cooker
Back-Saving Bath & Tile Cleaner Extra Head
Bacon Crisper, Microwave
Bag Ties
Bags to Go Refill
Bags, Soup 'n' Sauce
Bags, Stack & Vac Pack-Mate
Bags, Sweetie
Bags, Zip ’n’ Steam Cooking
Bakers' Moulds
Bakeware Organiser
Bakeware Set, De Luxe, Children's
Baking Beans, Ceramic
Baking Parchment Cake Tin Liners
Baking Parchment Circles
Baking Parchment Circles
Baking Parchment Loaf Tin Liners
Baking Parchment Mini Roll
Baking Parchment Roll without Cutter Box
Baking Parchment Rolls in Cutter Boxes
Baking Parchment Sheets
Baking Parchment Squares
Baking Sheet, Cook & Bake
Baking Sheet, Mermaid
Baking Tin, Mermaid Oblong
Bald's Original Furniture Balm
Balloon Bradlets
Balloon Modelling Kit
Bamboo Cloths
Bamboo Skewers
Bamix Beaker
Bamix® +D1181 De Luxe
Bamix® SliceSy
Banana Guard
Banana Split Dishes
Banana Tree, Chrome
Banners, Greetings
Bar Keeper's Friend
Barbecue, Weber® Go Anywhere Charcoal
Basket Bag
Basket, Meatltex Undershelf
Basket, Rolling
Basket, Willow Stair
Baster, Cuisipro
Bath & Tile Scrub - 2-in-1
Bath & Tile Mitt
Bath Shine
Bathroom Cup Dispenser Refill Cups
Bathroom Drain Cleaner, Free Flow
Bathroom Mats, Swirly
Bathroom Store, Slimline
Bauble Hangers
Bauble Hooks, Christmas Tree
Baubles, Ruby Red Egg
BBQ ’Frying’ Pan
BBQ Topper
BBQ, Dancook 1000 Charcoal
Beaded Glitter Blooms
Beads, Hand-Crafted
Beaker for Bamix
Bean Slicer - Krisk
Bean Slicer, Free-standing
Bean Sprouter, Biosnacky
Beatrix Potter Mugs
Beechwood Preserving Spoon
Beechwood Swizzle Stick
Beechwood Utensil Trio
Be-Eco Bag
Bejewelled Glitter Blooms
Belgium's Finest Chocolates
Bell Cracker Symphony
Bells, Jingle
Bellux Insulated Gravy
Bellux Insulated Serving Dishes
Berry Cake Topper
Best Chef Mug
Best Sportsman Mug
Best-Kept Secrets of the Women's Institute
Bethlehem Advent Stable
Bethlehem Card Kit
Big Bags for Big Presents
Big Book of Juices and Smoothies
Big Moss
Big Plug
Big White Mop, Replacement Heads
Bin Bags, Tie Up
Bin Bags, Waste Bin
Bin Fresh Absorbers
Bin Liners, Wheelie Bin Bin Liners, Wheelie Bin
Bin, Butterfly, Sure-Fit Liners
Bin, Carrier Bag Pedal
Bin, Simple Human® 40 Litre Touch
Binky Bunny Knitting Kit
Binky Bunny Knitting Kit
Birthday Card Book
Birthdays & Anniversaries Book
Biscuit Holder
Biscuit Tin, Poinsettia
Biscuit Tin, Vintage Airtight
Biscuits for One
Biscuits, Brittany Butter
Biscuits, Clarchens Miniature
Biscuits, Herb
Biscuits, St Kew
Bissell® Flip-Ease
Bissell® Flip-Ease - Replacement Pads
Bissell® Hard Floor Solution
Bissell® Lavender Essence
Bissell® Little Green Formula
Bissell® OxyKIC Pet Stain Remover
Bissell® OxyKIC™ Carpet Stain Remover
Bissell® Power Trak® Vacuum Cleaner
Bissell® Powerwash De Luxe
Bissell® Rubber Bladed Sweeper
Bissell® Spot Lifter®
Bissell® Wash & Protect
Bits & Bobs Box
Black & White Checked Apron
Black & White Embellishment Box
Blade Guards
Blanket, Foldaway Picnic
Blanket, Soft Fleecy
Blender, Compact
Blender, Krups Freshmix
Blind Brite® Duo
Blooms, Bumper Bag of
Blossom Cutters
Blowtorch, Professional
Blue & Silver Duo Throw
Blue & White Embellishment Box
Blue Embellishment Pack
Blue Iris Kitchen Collection Apron
Blue Iris Kitchen Collection Pot Holder
Blue Iris Kitchen Collection Tea Towel
Blue Jeans Blooms
Blue No. 1 Candle
Boat in a Bottle Kit
Boaters Coffee Hamper
Boaters Green Tea Hamper
Boaters Hot Chocolate Hamper
Bonjour Coffee Gift Set
Booja-Booja Champagne Truffles
Book, Best-Kept Secrets of the Women's Institute
Book, Juices and Smoothies
Book, Slow Cooker Cookbook
Book, Sushi
Book, Teabag Folding
Book, Tips for your breadmaker
Books, Delia's Complete Cookery Course
Books, Yummy!
Bottle Pour Spouts
Bottle Top Waterers
Bottles, Preserving
Boudoir Hot Water Bottle
Boutique Toppers
Bow Maker, Fiskars®
Bowl Set, 9 Piece, Duralex
Bowl, Pudsey Bear Mixing
Bowls, Sure-Grip Mixing
Bowls, Teardrop
Bowls, Tuscan
Box of Gems
Box, Easy-Glide Storage
Boyajian Pure Lemon Oil
Boy's Birthday Candles
Brabantia Liftomatic
Brabantia Slimline Ironing Board
Brabantia® Rotary Airer Cover
Bradlets, Assorted
Bradlets, Balloon
Bradlets, Christmas Tree
Bradlets, Dragonfly
Bradlets, Flower & Butterfly
Bradlets, Funky Floral
Brads, Dress-Up
Brads, Patterned
Brain Fitness Kit
Brandy Beans
Bread Bags
Bread Bags
Bread Bags, Breathable
Bread Bakery, Panasonic
Bread Bin, Joseph Joseph®
Bread Bin, Vintage
Bread Keeper
Bread Machine Pre-Mixes
Bread Machine Pre-mixes, Laucke, Variety Pack
Bread Mixes, Gluten & Dairy-Free
Bread Tins (recommended by Delia)
Breadmaker, Compact, Breville
Breakfast Granola
Breathable Bread Bags
Breville Compact Breadmaker
Breville Hand Mixer
Breville Juice Extractor
Bride & Groom Cake Topper
Bride and Groom Cake Topper
Bright Butterflies
Brilliant! Tile Grout Whitener
Bristle-Less Pastry Brushes
BRITA® Elemaris Water Filter Jug
BRITA® Elemaris Water Filter Jug - Replacement Filters
Brittany Butter Biscuits
Brolly in a Box
Brother® Electronic Label Creator - Replacement Tape
Brown Super-Absorbent Microfibre Mat
Browne's Buttered Brazils
Browne's Chocolate Marshmallows
Brownie Tin, Mermaid
Bruno the Bear & Ewan the Sheep Knitting Kits
Brush, Pastry
Brushes, The Two Most Useful
Bubbly Bung
Bucket, Baby
Buderim Crystallised Hot Ginger
Buderim Ginger Nibbles
Buderim Ginger Refresher
Buffet Server
Buiteman Savoury Assortment
Bulb Tester
Bumper Bag of Blooms
Bumper Bag of Butterflies & Dragonflies
Bumper Glitter Collection
Bumper Pack of Christmas Papers
Bumper Pack of Cleaning Sticks
Bumper Pack of Handmade Paper
Bumper Pack of Napkins
Bumper Pack of Napkins
Bumper Pack of Scented Tealights
Bumper Pack of Tealights
Bumper Pack Quick Clips
Bumper Pack Standard Klippits
Bunch of Daffodils
Burger Maker
Burger Press, Quarter-Pounder
Bushtucker Outback Trial
Butter Bell®
Butter Buds®
Butter Butlers
Butter Dish, Insulated
Butter Knife
Buttered Brazils, Browne's
Butterflies in Motion
Butterfly & Dragonfly Template
Butterfly Bin - Sure-Fit Liners
Butterfly Blooms Stamps
Butterfly Cutter Set
Buttermilk Colanders
Button & Flower Card Kit
Buzz 2-in-1 Electronic Mill
Buzz Electronic Salt & Pepper Mills
Café-Style Sandwich Press
Cake & Cheese Dome, Nigella Lawson
Cake Box, 2-Tier - See-through
Cake Boxes
Cake Cases Grease-Resistant
Cake Cases, Pudsey Bear
Cake Display Bags
Cake Mould, Jamie Oliver Advanced Silicone
Cake Pan, Multisize Foldaway, Silverwood
Cake Release
Cake Slice, Musical
Cake Store, Lock & Lock
Cake Tester, Reusable
Cake Tin, Ceramic
Cake Tin, Ice Cream Cone
Cake Tin, Loose-Based Deep, Cook & Bake Range
Cake Tin, Springclip, Cook & Bake
Cake Tin, Vintage Airtight
Cake Tins, My Kitchen Square Loose-Based
Cake, Australian Celebration
Cakes for Fun by Jane Asher
Calculator/Clock, Flip Top
Calendar, 50-Year
Calendar, Family
Californian Styled Floor Duster Plus
Californian Styled Floor Duster Replacement Head
Californian Styled Mini Dusters
Can Opener, Culinaire One Touch
Can Opener, Good Grips®
Can Opener, The Ratchet
Can Strainer
Candied Fruits, Whole
Candle Set, Welcome Home
Candle, Chef's
Candle, Trinket Tin
Canning Set
Cantabile Chocolate Cups
Cantilever Craft Tool Box
Cape Cod® Metal Polishing Cloths
Cappuccino Gift Set, Illy
Car Boot Organiser
Car Seat Cover-Up
Card Bumper Kit, Floral
Card Creaser
Card Holders, Lakeland
Card Kit, 3D Christmas Tree
Card Kit, Fancy Fir
Card Kit, Hazy Days
Card Kit, Kitty
Card Kit, Monochrome
Card Kit, Oriental Peel-Off
Card Kit, Snowflake
Card Kit, Teddies
Card Liners, Christmas Greeting
Card Pockets
Card Pockets, Self-Seal, Assorted
Card Sheets, Glitter Butterfly
Cardmaking Techniques, Compendium of
Cards, A5 Cream
Cards, Assorted Christmas
Cards, Assorted Pastel, Pastel Cards, Assorted
Cards, Assorted White
Cards, Deckle Edged
Cards, Golden Message
Cards, Golden Message Season's Greetings
Cards, Metallic Pastel
Cards, Natural
Cards, Paisley
Cards, Pop-Up Christmas Tree
Cards, Rainbow
Cards, standard
Carpet Cleaner, Bissell®
Carpet Stain Remover - Bissell® OxyKIC™
Carpet Wizard, Light 'n' Easy
Carrier Bag Holder
Carrier Bag Pedal Bin
Carrier Bag Store
Carrs 'Breadmaker Blends' Bread Mixes
Carving Dish, Spiked
Cascade Cards
Casserole Dishes, Dura 230
Casserole Dishes, Foil
Castor Cups
Cats & Dogs Stickers
Cedar Wood Drawer Liners
Cedar Wood Set, 30 Piece
Cellophane Sheets
Ceramic Apple Wasp Trap
Ceramic Baking Beans
Ceramic Cake Tin
Ceramic Dehumidifier
Ceramic Diffuser Vase
Ceramic Flower Diffuser
Ceramic Fresh Herb Planters
Ceramic Hob Cleaner, Cerapol
Ceramic Hob Cleaning Kit
Ceramic Hob Protector, Ceraseal
Ceramic Kitchen Stores
Ceramic Knives, Kyocera
Ceramic Loaf Pan
Ceramic Pie Funnel
Ceramic Sugar, Coffee & Tea Caddies
Ceramic Utensil Holder
Cerapol Ceramic Hob Cleaner
Ceraseal Ceramic Hob Protector
Cereal Dispenser, Lock & Lock
Cereal on the Go, Cool Gear
Cermaic Hob Cleaning Kit, Replacement Blades
Chalkboard Preserving Jars
Chamois, Magic
Champagne Candles
Champagne Duo, Mrs Bridges®
Chantilly Cake Stand
Chantry Knife Sharpener
Charcoal Prints Paper Pack
Cheese & Cake Labels
Cheese Board & Knife, Polished Knot
Cheese Knife, Mouse
Cheese Mice
Cheese Plane, Laser®
Cheese Planer, Zyliss®
Cheese Presentation Platter
Cheese Preserver, Small, Tefal®
Cheese Preserver, Tefal
Cheese Shortbread
Cheetah Glue Roller Replacement 15m Cartridge
Chef's Candle
Chef's Quad Timer
Chef's Tealight Candles
Cherries in Armagnac
Cherries in Brandy
Cherry & Olive Stoner
Cherry in Rum Marzipan Chocolates
Cherry Super Stoner
Chest of Baskets
Chestnut Roaster
Chestnuts, Sierra Rica Organic
Chill & Warm Wrap
Chill It Lunch Box
Chilli Lovers’ Survival Kit
Chimney Cleaning Log
Chipboard Alphastripes
Chipboard Flowers & Shapes
Chipboard Letter Stickers
Chipboard Letters
Choco Tool Set
Chocolat Charbonnel
Chocolate & Pink Embellishment Box
Chocolate Aeroplanes
Chocolate Covered Figs
Chocolate Covered Grapes
Chocolate Cups, Cantabile
Chocolate Dino Lollies
Chocolate Discovery Box
Chocolate Fairies
Chocolate Filled Mini Handbag
Chocolate Fondue Fountain
Chocolate Gift Boxes
Chocolate Heaven Melting Pot
Chocolate Liqueurs, Crate of
Chocolate Peppermint Creams
Chocolate Sleigh Mould
Chocolate Spirit Cups
Chocolate Vehicles
Chocolate Victoria Cups, Dark
Chocolates, Golfer’s
Chop & Drop
Chop Roaster, Small Lidded
Chopper, Zyliss®
Chopping Board, Dishwasher Safe Wooden
Chopping Board, Dual
Chopping Boards, Granite-Look
Chopping Boards, Stay Put
Christmas Alpha Stickers
Christmas Baubles
Christmas Blossom Lights
Christmas Blues Paper Pack
Christmas Bows
Christmas Bradlets, Glitter
Christmas Bun Cases
Christmas Cascade Card Kit
Christmas Collection CD-ROM
Christmas Cookie Cutters
Christmas Cooking
Christmas Crystal Stickers
Christmas Cutters
Christmas Découpage Card Kit
Christmas Embellishment Pack
Christmas Fruits
Christmas Gift Bags
Christmas Greeting Card Liners
Christmas Inspirations
Christmas Napkins
Christmas Paper Ornaments
Christmas Peel-Offs
Christmas Place Settings
Christmas Pudding Tin
Christmas Pudding, Lakeland
Christmas Pudding, Tiptree Organic
Christmas Ribbons
Christmas Scene Waterfall Card Kit
Christmas Scene, Clay Dough
Christmas Scrap Pack
Christmas Shapes, Glitter
Christmas Slipper Socks
Christmas Star Overcloth
Christmas Stencils
Christmas Stickers, Glittery
Christmas Sticky Ribbons
Christmas Sticky Ribbons
Christmas Table Covers
Christmas Tags
Christmas Tealight Lantern
Christmas Topper Tags
Christmas Traditional Papers
Christmas Tree Bauble Hooks
Christmas Tree Bradlets
Christmas Tree in a Box
Christmas Tree Planter
Christmas Tree Skirt
Christmas Tree Stand
Christmas Tree, Easy-Up
Christmas Trees
Christmas Vellums
Christmas Verses
Chrome Banana Tree
Chrome Concertina Clothes Airer
Chrome Dish Drainer & Tray
Chubby Mesh Cart
Church Candle Set
Chutney Duo
Chutney, Sorrel
Circulon Draining Pan
Citrus Juicer, Kenwood
Citrus Tap
Clarchens Miniature Biscuits
Claret Fringed Throws
Classic Organiser Collection
Clay Dough Christmas Scene
Claybrooke Mill Dough Improver
Claybrooke Mill Dough Relaxer
Clean Shower®
Cleanaer Air Purifier
Cleanaer Air Purifier - Refill Cartridge
Cleaner, Surface, Anti-bacterial
Cleaning Kit, Ceramic Hob
Cleaning Sticks, Bumper Pack
Clearview Stack Box System
Cling-Wrap Cutter
Clip-On Tea Towel Loops
Clips, Grip
Cloth Pack, Microfibre
Cloth, Miracle
Clothes Airer
Clothes Airer, Concertina, Chrome
Clothes Airer, Concertina, Wooden
Clothes Roller Refills
Clothesline, Retractable, Outdoor
Cloths, Window Sparkle
Coaster Holder
Coasters, Soak Up
Coat Hanger Store
Cobweb Duster, Total Reach
Coffee & Cream Shopper
Coffee Grinder, Krups Burr
Coffee Hamper, Boaters
Coffee Machine, Krups Digital
Coin Sorter
Cointreau® Fruits
Colander, Buttermilk
Colander, Good Grips® Convertible
Colander, Single Handled
Colanders, Collapsible
Colanders, Tuscan
Collapsible Colanders
Collection Can
Colour Changing Frosted Bauble Lights
Colour Collection Ink Pads
Colour-Changing Bubble Sphere
Column Tealight Pillars
Combi Window Cleaner, Total Reach
Compact Blender
Compact Dish Drainer
Compact Mirror, Illuminated
Compendium of Cardmaking Techniques
Complete Half-Pan Watercolour Set
Complete Leather Care Kit
Compost Caddy
Compost Caddy - Replacement Filters
Compost Caddy Bags
Compost Carry/Compost Caddy, Replacement Filters
Compost Crock
Compost Crock - Replacement Filters
Containers, Glass Lock
Containers, Lock & Lock
Containers, Lock & Lock
Containers, Lock & Lock
Containers, Lock & Lock
Contemporary Christmas Stickers
Contemporary Fleecy Throw
Contessa Electric Ice Maker
Converters Fridge Magnet
Cook & Bake Baking Sheet
Cook & Bake Bun Tins
Cook & Bake Loose-Based Deep Cake Tin
Cook & Bake Loose-Based Pork Pie/Cake Tin
Cook & Bake Loose-Based Sandwich Tin
Cook & Bake Multi-Purpose Oven Tray
Cook & Bake Pizza Crisper
Cook & Bake Roasting Tin
Cook & Bake Springform Cake Tins
Cook & Bake Square Roasting Pan
Cook & Bake Yorkshire Pudding Tin
Cook & Bake Mini Muffin Pan
Cook by Thomasina Miers
Cookbooks, Dairy
Cooker Hood Filters
Cookie Christmas Tree Kit
Cookie Cutter, Pudsey Bear
Cookie Cutters
Cookie Cutters, Christmas
Cookie Cutters, Double Sided
Cookie Cutters, Mini, Pudsey Bear
Cookie Cutters, Pudsey Bear
Cookie Cutters, Springtime
Cooking Outside the Box by Keith Abel
Cooking Parcels, Twist 'n' Close
Cooking Rings
Cool Bag, Double Decker Lunch Bag
Cool Bag, Lunch for 2
Cool Bag, The Lakeland
Cool Cat & Hot Dog Stickers
Cool Gear Cereal on the Go
Cool Gear Salad 2 Go
Cool Lunch Bag
Cool Lunch Bag
Cooling Rack, 3-Tier
Coolskin Gauntlets
Cordless Sweeper, Rechargeable
Cordless Tabletop Hot Tray
Cork King, The
Corkscrew, Easy Twist
Corkscrew, Lightning Lever
Corn Skewers
Corner Plate Rack
Cottage Delight Chutney Selection
Cottage Garden Stickers
Cotton Potato Bag
Country Fare Glacé Fruit Cake
Country Manor Hot Water Bottle
Country Manor Padded Coat Hangers
Cracker Keeper
Cracker Symphony
Crackers for Cheese
Cracking Eggs
Craft Glue Dots
Craft Light, Super LED
Craft Mat, A2 Self-Healing, Fiskars®
Craft Mates® Caddy
Craft Table
Craft Tape, Double-Sided Clear
Craft Tool Box, Cantilever
Cranberry Chenille Throw
Cranberry Chutney with Mulled Red Wine
Cranberry Sauce, Organic Wild
Crate of Chocolate Liqueurs
Crate of Colourful Daisies
Cream & Gold Shred
Cream Jacquard Tablecloth
Creative Kit
Credit Card Case, ’Plastic-Fantastic’
Crémes Parisiennes
Cross Cut Shredder
Crossword a Day
Crystal Circles Shower Curtain
Crystallized Ginger
Cuisinart® Griddle & Grill
Cuisipro Baster
Cuisipro® Garlic Press
Cuisipro® Measuring Jugs
Culinare Multi Grater
Culinare One Touch Can Opener
Cupcake Stand
Cutlery Tray, Extending Wooden
Cutlery, Jester
Cutter Set, Double Sided
Cutter, Cling-Wrap
Cutters, Christmas
Daffodils, Bunch of
Daily Pinta Caps
Dainty & Truffle Selections
Dairy Cookbooks
Daisy Cutters
Daisy Fresh
Daisy Punches
Dalmatian Door Stop
Damascus Knives
DampRid Moisture Absorbers
Dancook 1000 Charcoal BBQ
Dancook 1000 Charcoal BBQ
Dancook Fireplace
Dark Chocolate Coated Liquorice
Dark Chocolate Covered Fruits
Dark Chocolate Pistachio Turkish Delight
Dark Chocolate Victoria Cups
De Luxe Children's Bakeware Set
De Luxe Multi Steam Mop
De Luxe Multi Steam Mop - Replacement Pads
De Luxe Rechargeable Shoe Shine, Replacement Heads
De Luxe Wine Bottle Stopper/Pourer
Decanting Funnel
Deckle Edged Cards
Deckle Edged Cards
Decorations Box
Decorations Storage Box
Decorative Chocolate Box
Découpage Paper Pack
Découpage Scissors
Deep Presentation Rings
Defrost Box
Defroster, Fridge & Freezer
Dehumidifier, Dry Egg
Delectable Mini Fruit Cake
Delia's Complete Cookery Course
Derma Guard®
Dermaluxe Washing-Up Gloves
Desktop Pick 'n' Mix
Dessert Wine Panettone
Diablo Deep Toastie Maker
Didi Glue Dots
Digital Bathroom Scales
Digital Meat Thermometer
Dinner on the Orient Express
Dish Cloths, Lancashire
Dish Drainer & Tray, Chrome
Dish Drainer, 2-Tier
Dishcloth, Microfibre
Dishcloths, Antibacterial
Dishcloths, Walton's Linen
Dishes, Reusable Microwave
Dishwasher Lemon Fresh
Dishwasher Safe Wooden Chopping Board
Disposable Icing Bags
Disposable Latex Gloves
Disposable Microfibre Duster
Disposable Vinyl Gloves
Divided Car Boot Tidy
Divided Lock & Lock Containers
Dividers for Silverwood Multisize Foldaway Cake Pan
Divine Advent Calendar
Divine Chocolate Coins
Do Not Forget! Notepad
Doctor Cook Milk Pan
Document Files, A4
Dolly Washer Balls
Dolly Washer Balls
Domed Candle Sticker
Door Rack, Expanding Over
Door Stop, Dalmatian
Door Stopper
Doorganizer, Natural
Doorganizer, Pink
Doormat, Tuff Tufts
Double Mesh Sieve Set
Double Oven Glove, Heavy Duty
Double Oven Glove, Master Class®
Double Ratchet Nutcracker
Double Sided Cutter Set
Double Sided Laminate Cartridge
Double-Headed Measuring Spoon
Double-Sided Clear Craft Tape
Double-Sided Cookie Cutters
Double-Sided Laminating Cartridge for Get Creative Sticker Machine
Double-sided Sticky Sheets
Dough Improver, Claybrooke Mill
Dough Relaxer, Claybrooke Mill
Doughnut Tray, Silicone
Doves Farm Quick Yeast
Doylies - Assorted
Dracaena, Everlasting
Dragonfly Bradlets
Drainer, Comapact Dish
Draining Pan, Circulon
Draining Rack, 3-Tier
Draught Excluder, Geraldine Giraffe
Draught Excluder, Rufus
Drawer Organiser
Drawer Organisers
Drawer Sachets, Anti-Moth, Lavender
Drawstring Dustbin Bags
Dressing Recipe Bottle
Dressings, Mary Berry’s
Dress-Up Brads
Drip Catchers, Teapot
Drive Pod
Drive-in Shower Curtain
Drop Stop®
Dry Cleaner Kit, Hagerty®
Dry Egg Dehumidifier
Dryer Balls™, Reusable
Dual Action Bath & Tile Scrubs
Dual Bladed Shower Squeegee
Dual Chopping Board
Dual Tip Brush Markers
Dual Tip Peel-Off Pens
Dual-Edged Scraper
Dualit Kettle
Dualit Mini Chopper
Dualit Soft Touch® Hand Mixer
Dualit Soft Touch® Toaster
Dublet Hanging Closet Rod
Duck Family Bath Mat
Duck Family Shower Curtain
Duckie Shower Cap
Duncans Chocolates
Duo Texture Coir Mat
Duotex Cloth, Lakeland
Dura 230 Casserole Dishes
Dura 230 Flan Dishes
Dura 230 Oblong Roasters
Dura 230 Oval Roasters
Dura 230 Ramekins
Dura 230 Soufflé Dish
Duralex 9 Piece Bowl Set
Dust Magnet, Telescopic
Dustbin Bags
Dustbin Bags, Drawstring
Duster Mitt, Microfibre
Duster, Disposable Microfibre
Duster, Flexible Pro
Duster, Mini Microfibre
Duster, Mini, Astonish
Dusters, Lancashire
Dustpan & Brush
Dutch Ladies Tea for One
Dye Grabber
Earring Chiffonier, Acrylic
EasiYo™ Bio-Banana Yoghurt Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Caramel Yoghurt Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Custard Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Greek Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Greek 'n' Honey Style Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Mango Yoghurt Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Natural Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Plains Variety Pack
EasiYo™ Bio-Reduced Fat Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Slimmers Mixes
EasiYo™ Bio-Strawberry Yoghurt
EasiYo™ Extra Yoghurt Jar
EasiYo™ Prebiotic & Probiotic Mixes
EasiYo™ ProbioBoost Drinking Yoghurt Mixes
EasiYo™ Starter Kit
EasiYo™ Yoghurt Maker
Easy Apple Corer
Easy as Pie Set (recommended by Delia)
Easy Iron Spray
Easy Liner Double-Sided Tape
Easy Open Bag Seal Replacement Tapes
Easy Peel Garlic Press
Easy Shopping Bag
Easy Twist Corkscrew
Easy View Shoe Stores
Easy-Fill Jam Funnel
Easy-Fit Fly Screen Kit
Easy-Glide Storage Box
Easy-Up Christmas Tree
Easy-Up Trolley
Eclair Tin
Eclair Tin
E-cloth® Shower Pack
E-cloth® Tea Towels
E-cloth® Twin Pack
E-cloth® Window Cleaning Pack
Eco Bag, Be-
Egg Piercer
Egg Poacher, 4-Cup
Egg Poacher, Duo, Microwave
Egg Poacher, Solo
Egg Poacher, Triple
Egg Ring, Silicone
Egg Separator
Egg Slicer
Electric Blankets, Fitted, Fleecy
Electric Ice Maker
Electric Knife Wizard
Electric Meat Mincer/Grinder
Electric Omelette Maker
Electric Plate Warmer
Electric Yoghurt Maker
Elegance Fine Bone China Mugs
Elegance Toilet Brush
Elegant Flower Stamps
Elephant Tea Caddy
Embellishment Box, Black & White
Embellishment Box, Blue & White
Embellishment Box, Chocolate & Pink
Embellishment Organiser Case
Embellishment Pack, Blue
Embellishment Pack, Christmas
Embellishment Pack, Lilac
Embellishment Pack, Pink
Embossed Cards
Embroidered Sewing Box
Emile Henry® Ceramic Roaster
Emile Henry® Pie Dish
Enamel Pans, My Kitchen
Enamelled Butterfly Bookmark
Envelope Templates
Enviro Bin-Fresh
EON Slimline Flashlight
Equestrian Chocofrolics
Essentials Kit, Prestige Urban
Eucalyptus & Citrus Comforter Comforter, ‘Aroma Soother’ Eucalyptus & Citrus
Everlasting Dracaena
Everlasting Weeping Fig
Ewan the Sheep Knitting Kit
Ewbank® 1-2-3 Spare Rechargeable Battery
Expanding Kitchen Drawer Tidies
Expanding Over Door Rack
Extending Wooden Cutlery Tray
Extra Head for Back-Saving Bath & Tile Cleaner
Extra Scrapbook Pockets

Gaea Organic Olives Gift Set
Gaggia® Gelatiera Ice Cream Maker
Galeria Easel Painting Set
Game, Tantrix
Garbage Pal
Garden Gallery Stickers
Garden Gang Stickers
Garden Shapes Book
Garden Track
Gardener's Canvas Bag Set
Gardiner's Apple & Cinnamon Flavour Fudge
Gardiners' Malt Whiskey Fudge
Garlic Baker & Tortilla Warmer, Terracotta
Garlic Lovers’ Survival Kit
Garlic Peeler & Grater
Garlic Press, Easy Peel
Garlic Press, Good Grips®
Garlic Slicer
Garment Covers
Garment Covers
Garment Rail
Garment Rail Cover
Garment Rail, Portable, De Luxe
Gauntlets, Coolskin
Gem and Jewellery Cleaner for the Sonic Jewellery Cleaning Machine
Gem-Cut Blossom Stems
Gems, Geometric
Geometric Gems
Geraldine Giraffe Draught Excluder
Get Creative Sticker Machine Double-Sided Laminating Cartridge
Get Creative Sticker Machine Permanent Adhesive Cartridge
Giant Family Cracker
Gift Bags, Christmas
Gift Bags, Pudsey Bear
Gift Basket, Fireside
Gift Collection, Lily of the Valley
Gift Labels, Holographic
Gift Vouchers
Gift Wrap Storage Bag
Gift Wrap, Lakeland
Gift-Tag Stickers, Glitter
Ginger Collection, Mrs Bridges®
Ginger Extract
Ginger Jackpot
Ginger Nibbles, Buderim
Ginger Refresher, Buderim
Ginger, Buderim Crystallised Hot
Ginger, Crystallized
Gingerbread Family Cutters
Gingerbread Silicone Mould
Gingham Tea Cosy
Gingham Vellums
Giraffe Shoe Fresheners
Girl's Birthday Candles
Glacier Cutlery
Glass Cleaner, 'All Clear' Concentrated
Glass Cloths
Glass Lock Containers
Glasses, Knickerbocker Glory
Glasses, Party Proof
Glazing Brush, Professional
Glitter Bugs
Glitter Butterfly Card Sheets
Glitter Christmas Bradlets
Glitter Christmas Shapes
Glitter Gift-Tag Stickers
Glitter Trees
Glitter Waves
Glitter, Bumper Collection
Glittery Christmas Stickers
Glittery Snowflake Toppers
Glitzy Colour-Changing Crystal
Gloves, Latex, Disposable
Gloves, Lavendar Rubber
Gloves, Touch To Clean®
Gloves, Vinyl, Disposable
Glow Sticks, Neon
Glowmat ™
Glue Dispenser, Roll-a-Dot
Glue Dots, Craft
Glue Dots, Mini
Glue Lines
Glue Pen, Stiki
Glue, Lick & Stick Envelope
Glue, Very Sticky
Gluten & Dairy-Free Bread Mixes
Gold & Silver Cake Frills
Gold & Silver Candles
Gold & Silver Gift Wrapping Set
Gold & Silver Stars
Gold Beaded Organza Ribbon
Gold Cake Cases
Gold Christmas Peel-Offs
Gold Damask Tablecloths
Gold Holly Toppers
Gold Placecards
Gold Snowflakes & Swirls Tissue Paper
Gold Star Card Holder
Gold Star Card Tree
Golden Baubles
Golden Doylies
Golden Message Cards
Golden Message Season's Greetings Cards
Golden Seasons Greetings Cake Topper
Golfer’s Chocolates
Good Grips® Splatter Screen
Good Grips® Angled Measuring Jug
Good Grips® Can Opener
Good Grips® Convertible Colander
Good Grips® Flexible Turner
Good Grips® Fly Swatter
Good Grips® Fridge/Freezer Thermometer
Good Grips® Garlic Press
Good Grips® Mango Splitter
Good Grips® Mini Watering Can
Good Grips® Mixing Bowl
Good Grips® Nylon Turner
Good Grips® Omelette Turner
Good Grips® Pancake Turner
Good Grips® Pizza Wheel
Good Grips® Potato Masher
Good Grips® Potato Peeler
Good Grips® Pump Dispenser
Good Grips® Salad Spinners
Good Grips® Silicone Turners
Good Grips® Squeegee
Good Grips® Toilet Brush
Good Grips® Utensil Holder
Good Grips® Vegetable Brush
Good Grips® Vegetable Peeler
Good Grips® Whisk
Good Grips® Wire Cheese Slicer
Good Grips® Zester/Canelle Knife
Grand Master Sudoku
Grand Remoska® Electric Cooker
Grandma's Secret Spot Remover®
Granite-Look Chopping Boards
Granola, Breakfast
Grape & Holly Border Stamps
Grape in Muscat Wine Marzipan Chocolates
Grapefruit Segmenter
Grapefruit Spoons
Grate & Scoop
Grate ‘n’ Store
Grater, Analon Box
Grater, Culinare Multi
Grater, Microplane
Grater, Microplane Tower
Gravy Boat, Insulated - Bellux
Gravy Jug, Strain & Separate
Gravy Skimmer
Grease Away
Grease Away Refill
Greaseproof Paper Roll
Grease-Resistant Cake Cases
Greedy Pig Crumb Pet
Green Slime Remover
Green Super-Absorbent Microfibre Mat
Green Tea Hamper, Boaters
Greenfield Herbs Pot Pourri
Greetings Banners
Greetings Liners
Griddle & Grill, Cuisinart®
Griddle Pan, Induction, Valira® Platinum
Griddle Pan, Valira® Platinum
Grill Pans, Vitreous Enamel
Grip Clips
Gripping Stuff!
Ground Coffee Store
Grout Brush
Gruesome Grub
Grumpy Old Man Apron
Grumpy Old Man Mug
Gudrun Chocolate Baskets
Guillotine, Fiskars® Mini
Gutter Care Kit
Gutter Syphons





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